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Riviera Bike

About us

Rivierabike was founded in 2005 and was the first company to offer package MTB holidays in the region of Liguria. Based in Molini di Triora in the Ponente region of Liguria and along the coast to Finale Ligure as well as in neighbouring Sospel in France

Riviera Bike

15+ Years Experience

Rivierabike the destination of choice for MTB from the dramatic Maritime Alps and alluring coastline of the Italian Riviera, our location in Molini di Triora offers some of Europe’s finest riding with a great diversity of terrain from loamy woods in the mountains to ancient mule trails to the coast all on endless natural singletrack.

Location - Molini di Triora

Ady & Jo Founders

Ady & Jo first came to Liguria 20 years ago whilst on a holiday in Finale Ligure, a far cry from today as they were the only mountain bikers there. After more traveling in the area, they came across the Val Argentina and fell in love with the quaint villages and huge alpine terrain…. and of course the trails…


Ady originally from North Wales has always been an outdoor and biking enthusiast, from a cat 2 racer to an avid mountain biker. After his degree he moved to work as a surveyor in London and all his leisure time biking in the Surrey Hills.

His passion for mountain biking and extensive travel to mtb locations both in the UK and abroad, inspired him to set up Rivierabike in the Val Argentina. Ady has invested thousands of hours in opening and maintaining the trails there. Thankfully these days other groups have taken over this responsibility leaving Ady to do what he loves best .... searching and opening new trails!! Ady’s role is chief organiser and guide on the point to point and custom tours. His knowledge of the terrain is unparalleled.


Jo is originally from Surrey but discovered her love for mountain biking whilst living in the North of England and organised many events for disadvantaged children and other groups. She returned to Surrey and continued biking in the Surrey Hills where she met Ady... on the trails of course! Jo is responsible for the general administration, is a fantastic host, a great rider and regularly enjoys riding with the groups.


Albi a local from the coastal village Castellaro. He joined Rivierabike 5 years ago and is now our chief trail builder and guide. He has great charisma, an infectious smile and rides like a pro, just don’t follow his lines!!!

Albi is responsible for the planning of the rides and speaks both French and English.


Esdra another local to the area and he has ridden with us since he was a teenager. Now in his 20’s Esdra has travelled and studied around Europe, he gained his degree in Languages and Hotel management.

Esdra is very conscientious, a great communicator and will be responsible for day to day organisation and logistics and ensuring you have everything you need. He is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish